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Scan to EHD

All scanned data can be stored and delivered back to you on an External Hard Drive (EHD).

Scan to Hard Drive
Benefits include:

    • Pick up of all documents.
    • All information compressed onto External Hard Drive.
    • Able to search via multiple fields.
    • Easy storage.
    • Ability to reprint documents.
    • Ability to email documents.


Massive Space reductions

    • The contents of a ten file cabinet drawer can easily be translated onto a single EHD (External Hard Drive). With space costs at a premium the return on the investment of scanning can be extremely fast!


Concurrent access for many people

    • Unless a document is photocopied, printed multiple times or already digitized then it can only be viewed by one party in one location at a time. Scanning and digitizing, means the images can be loaded on electronic networks and viewed concurrently


Data Extraction and Searchability

    • Once a document has been digitized the data can be extracted and analyzed by a variety of means. Furthermore all text can be converted to a searchable format for easy and intelligent referencing.